What is the Business Continuity Plan?

A Business Continuity Plan outlines how your business will continue operating during an unplanned disruption.

An an example, but not limited to, that could be a fire, flood, storm, cyber attack, supply chain issues or as we expereienced in 2020 a pandemic.

Business continuity planning is the process of creating a plan for ideally the prevention of any disruption or how the business would recover quickly to deal with such threats to trading and revenue generation.

Your plan should state the essential functions of the business, identify which systems and processes must be sustained, and maintained, for the continuity of the business.

Such planning is a proactive process that provides reassurance, to all stakeholders, by understanding any potential weaknesses and threats to the business in a times of such crisis.

The purpose of a well considered plan is to help your business continue or resume its normal business operations after a disruptive event.

Having a proactive approach towards creating a ‘plan B’ can help you:

  • identify and manage threats to your business
  • reduce the impact of incidents
  • minimise downtime and improve recovery time.

The type of considerations can be seen in my guide written for the lockdown period in April 2020 by clicking here

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