How can I generate referrals for my business?

The easy answer often missed is ask more rather than hope.

Be proactive. Target your delighted customers and those in your network, give them a reason to refer you and ask.

Some tips to make referrals work for you:

  • Communicate your ideal referral
  • Gather proof you can do it & share this
    • Testimonials
    • Awards
    • Case studies or success stories
  • Have a compelling offer for the prospect AND the referrer. eg an Accountant referring to a bookkeeper will find the work easier due to the record keeping and therefore more profitable
  • Tell everyone you are ‘open for business’
  • Increase your profile
    • Get others talking about you & your reputation
    • Speak at events – invitation or offer
    • Offer to be an expert hotline for advice
    • Be supportive of others – referrals, support, advice
    • Newsletters – share your market knowledge & expertise
    • Be seen – not just events, forum/LinkedIn group contribution
  • Keep yourself front of mind with your potential referrers
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