Are you thinking of starting a business, or in the last 12 months have actually started, and want to ensure you have everything established to give you a strong foundation from which to grow in the future. ​

Your skills are likely to be competent in most areas, but you may not have the skills and knowledge to cover strategy, marketing, finance, people and systems to ensure you maximise your opportunities. You want to do things right and avoid being another government statistic for business failures.

You are passionate about your new business and have a great product or service, but need to ensure this converts into a positive cashflow for you.

You want to get established and start focusing on attracting your ideal customers as soon as possible. You strive to have the business model that is profitable, sustainable and attractive, whilst offering an exceptional service that gives you repeat and referral business in the future. 


What your issues tend to be

From my experience there seems much to do and sometimes too much. You want to get going, but the strategy is not clear, you can’t decide where to start with the marketing and need to understand your cashflow to ensure you do not run out of cash.

You may be working really hard and not yet seeing the results that your effort deserves, which is frustrating and sometimes stressful. You doubt your confidence at times, whilst perhaps questioning if you have started the business in the right manner.

You may be struggling with all or some of the following:

  • A lack of strategy for your business that makes it work
  • You are doing everything at once and spreading yourself thinly
  • A shortage of confidence to make it happen
  • Struggling to decide on the marketing activities that will attract the customers that you want to work with
  • Your outgoings are impacting the cashflow and you could run out of cash before the business has time to get going
  • Finding it difficult to recruit and then manage the right people
  • You keep working hard in the hope that tomorrow will be the day it all comes together. But you know you something has to change and perhaps different actions need to be taken to get the results you desire.

What you need to do right now

Having worked with a number of entrepreneurs, you need to have a step by step system which is not overwhelming and has clear actions that you can implement quickly and effectively.

  • Analyse – Initially review where you are now and identify the appropriate steps that are relevant for your business
  • Strategy – Know what you want from your business, who you want to work with, the offering you are going to make to attract them and create your vision and goals. Have a concise plan and clarity that you can share with your people, customers and suppliers. 
  • Win new customers – Generate an effective marketing strategy and plan how you are going to attract more of your ideal customers and generate a bigger income. 
  • Financials – Know your finance requirements, ensure you do not run out of cash and understand the real numbers that drive your business. 
  • People – Create a system for attracting, recruiting, managing, developing and retaining the best people to work in your business and help you deliver the success you desire.
  • Systems and Processes – Establish a business built with operational excellence, that gets things right first time every time. Use systems and automation where possible to create good habits in your business.

You want to get the foundations right from which to build a successful business. This is not just with the set up administration, but also in consideration of your business plan, financials and your marketing to attract the customers you want to work with.

Building a business is like building a house. With good foundations, you can develop the business and grow. Without a good base, then it could all collapse around you.

Do you need help establishing your business? Would you benefit from an external resource or by sharing my knowledge and expertise?

I support you to plan, develop and deliver the growth for your business.

If you feel that I can help you start your business with a strong platform, then please contact me.

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your business

I support you to plan, develop and deliver the growth for your business. 

If you feel that I can help you start your business with a strong platform, then please contact me.