Why should I consider Mentoring?

Ultimately because you want change and for something different, compared to what you have been able to obtain without external support.

Not one approach suits all. The goals and outcomes of mentoring will differ depending on the parameters of the focus and the relationship between the mentor and mentee.

Each entrepreneurial business owner has their own reason for mentoring, but the common themes are around the use of time, wanting control, the ability to have choices and growth through new customer aquisition.

From the corporate concept of mentoring, we saw how individuals were able to tap into the existing knowledge, skills, and experience of colleagues and benefit from the transfer of skills in order to advance their careers.

An experienced mentor will coach you to establish your responses, qualify your considerations and when asked, or required, contribute with their thoughts to further your consideration of the matter in hand.

A good mentoring relationship will help you visualise what you really want, create a plan of how to get there and ensure that you execute the activities that you have identified to be beneficial for helping you achieve your goals and objectives.

You mentor should motivate you during and between mentoring sessions, guide you, reassure you, and share their experience, whilst keeping you accountable for the completion of the tasks you have committed to action.

There is much research and surveys that evidence that your chances of success in business, and in life, can be developed by having the right mentor.

The journey as an entreprenuer can be up and down, but the focus provided from a mentor will help you remain focused on the big picture, mindful of the key tasks in hand and continue on the trajectory that you set, with encouragement.

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