Any tips for writing an effective press release?

12 tips to help you create the press release that gets published:

  1. Make your Press Release relevant and newsworthy
  2. Write an ‘eye catching’ Headline that grabs attention
  3. Summarise the key points with notes to the editor
  4. Remember the first paragraph is crucial. Capture your key messages early in case the content has to be reduced
  5. Use quotes, from yourself or others
  6. Use facts and figures to back any claims
  7. Keep it Short and Sweet (max one page unless requested or indicated)
  8. Write in the style of other articles and what the readers like
  9. Keep to standard fonts like arial and consider your formatting, such as double spacing, wide margins, short punchy sentences, ‘ending’ the release,
  10. If not your skill, then consider hiring an Expert
  11. Attach or offer a picture or photograph
  12. Provide your contact details
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