two volunteers digging a hole into which a tree will be planted
7 December 2023 | Charitable

UK Charity Week – How can SMEs contribute to charity?

It’s long been my belief that if you have the means to help, you have a moral obligation to do so, even in a small way. But that aside there are many reasons why it’s good for businesses to make charitable contributions…

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A toy robot
30 November 2023 | Business Development

Digital transformation – The what, why and how

Through data collection and analysis, companies can better understand customer preferences, anticipate their needs, and deliver tailored products or services, much quicker than ever before.

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26 November 2023 | Business Development

The Business Empowerment Programme

YOU have the Power…….. …… change your business for the better. Even…

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a person selecting either a smiley face, a straight mouthed face or a sad face in a customer service questionnaire
23 November 2023 | Business Development

7 ways to improve customer experience and grow revenue

With continual customer experience improvement, comes better and more customer reviews. Optimise your Google Business Profile and use the link to build those reviews. You can put it behind a QR code on your invoices or email the link with receipts.

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A woman on a production line, giving the thumbs up to the camera.
16 November 2023 | Business Development

Improve productivity and efficiency in your business

Do you have an innovative way of measuring productivity of staff that don’t directly impact income?

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A person improving their shed by giving it a lick of paint
9 November 2023 | Support Uncategorised

Six areas of your business you can always improve upon

Improvement, growth, scaling whatever you call it and whatever it looks like to you all comes down to producing a successful outcome following an activity. The more efficiently you can execute that activity the greater the product will be.

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