A pair of binoculars on a map, with the words, 'Part two... Turnover is vanity, prfit is sanity, but CASH is KING
24 June 2022 | Business Development

Financial forecasting part two – 5 steps to create a profit and loss forecast

Keep your forecast fluid, as a working document, much like your business plan; review it and update it with what actually happened. Don’t hide it away to collect dust!

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A pair of binoculars on a map, with the words, 'part one... be prepared for what lies ahead'
| Business Development

Financial forecasting part one – How important is a profit and loss forecast?

A forecast can you help answer questions like; How much better could my business be if I looked at the numbers in advance? What is my growth going to look like? What impact is that growth going to have on my working capital? Can I expand my business and make new hires? And do I need to assess my investment spending?

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A group of people in a healthy business culture
17 June 2022 | Business Development

6 ways to build a positive business culture for your employees and customers

The beliefs and behaviours of the people within the business are what makes up the culture. It often starts with the leaders of the business, but a positive culture is managed by all. To change culture you must change behaviours.

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The word, 'give' from a dictionary
9 June 2022 | Charitable Support

Added value – What more can you do to help your customers?

Giving something away is the easiest way to help someone, even if it’s an hour of your time to listen to a problem.

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A little boy dressed as a businessman with a homemade money making machine
3 June 2022 | Business Development

What’s the quickest way to increase your revenues and profit from your business?

These seven steps are linked to the ‘marginal gains philosophy’, which demonstrates that by increasing your profits by a small percentage at each of these steps, the result would be significantly greater with the cumulative effect.

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Cars lined up at Blenheim Palace before the start of the Twin Town Challenge 2022
26 May 2022 | Charitable

Twin Town Challenge 2022, a retrospective

“I think this year we’ve managed to raise over a quarter of a million pounds for sure, but there’s more that comes out of this challenge. There are conversations for future opportunities, awareness of the things the charity does, and it’s long term. It’s not just the money that’s important, but the sense of fun, community, and personal contacts too.” Nick Streeter, Fundraiser

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