How do you handle a price objection?

Avoid discounting your price simply because a price objection was raised? 

The classic sales mantra is that if a prospect responds with the objection “the price is too high”, then it is likely that you simply have not communicated enough value.

Here are our 7 ways to approach this common objection:

  1. Target the right ‘ideal’ customer to sell to, as they are less likely to be price driven
  2. Define value from the customers viewpoint not your own
  3. Ask powerful questions to establish what is ‘important’ to your buyer
  4. Remove or reduce the risk for the buyer by offering a guarantee
  5. Use strong benefit statements, not features, and position from as if you were in their shoes
  6. Know and rehearse your responses to the common ways such an objection is raised
  7. Have reasons why you hold a price rather than being able to discount to create empathy from the buyer

I share these thoughts further in my Video ‘Snippet’ at

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