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Would you benefit from Support or a Non-Exec?

Would an impartial, external resource add value to your team, board or personal considerations?

Working closely with business leaders, and their senior managers, I share my experience and knowledge to develop the business across all areas, or within a specific key part.

With my wide set of skills and broad experience, I offer you my experience, commercial approach and results in many areas including strategy, leadership, marketing & sales, finance, operations, health & safety and people management.

As an external member of your team, with vast experience, I can sit on your board and challenge those key reports in an impartial way. Alternatively, we can meet to explore the area that is ‘Top of mind’, discuss options, find solutions and make risk considered decisions.



Do you feel that your key reports are not challenged in the board room?

Is that perhaps due to your knowledge of those key areas or the fact you are too close to the business?

With my experience and knowledge, I would sit on your board and as an impartial resource, observe, consider, question and challenge those around the table to ensure that the business objectives are supported.

Would you benefit from an impartial, external view on your board or as part of your senior management team?

You love delivering your business, but as an owner or leader of the business, it can often be a lonely place for making those decisions or considering the risks involved with growth. 

You are ready to develop and grow your business and multiply your income, but need the right strategy, team, finances and systems to maximise the opportunities available to you.

You are likely to have a completely full schedule. As a result, you have little or no time for yourself and you are probably feeling guilty about neglecting those who are most important to you.

You know you need some senior leadership support to help you run the business, whilst you scale up and grow, but the business is not ready for a full time role at this time.

I work with business owners like you to address the issue in your business that is ‘top of mind’.

I would regularly meet with you to explore and solve the issue that is worrying you, frustrating you and perhaps blocking your potential growth. That may be your people, your cashflow, how to find more customers, your supply chain or another key issue stagnating your business plan.

Do you need some support to make the step change and take your business to the next level?

My purpose is to support your business

​I offer ‘hands on’ support to help you plan, manage and deliver the growth for your business. ​

As an external resource, with my knowledge and experience, I can help you challenge your team or board members, to ensure everyone is working to your desired expectations, without later surprises.​

Additionally, I would help champion your business.

​As mentioned above, my background skills and experience is in Management, Strategy, Marketing & Sales, Operational Excellence, Finance, Health & Safety and People Management.

I offer a unique set of skills and knowledge that provides support right across your business whilst at the same time balancing your overall considerations (eg how does any sales growth, impact your cash and the foundation of your business?)

If you need support, then I can help you develop your business. Let’s talk?

Issues you are likely to be facing

You want to grow, but have no more time to implement the strategy with clear action steps that you are confident will deliver the growth you desire to maximise your opportunities.

You are very confident in some areas of your business but not 100% in others. You find yourself trusting other reports in key areas, unable to challenge their knowledge and you are worried that the wool is being pulled over your eyes.

Perhaps you are the bottleneck in the business because nothing gets done without you doing it or approving it, but you really don’t have the time to oversee everything.

​You are often making decisions alone without someone to bounce off your ideas.

You are working really hard, perhaps too hard and you are stagnating because you haven’t been able to take the business forward or grasp the opportunities available. This sometimes makes you stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted.

Cashflow is a focus. You want to ensure the investment in your growth does not impact on the business you have already established.

You need more customers, but your present marketing strategy isn’t bringing the consistent results you desire.​

You want to better understand the numbers in your business. The financials and the numbers that drive your growth.

You are finding it difficult to find the right people for your business and help you achieve the growth consistently across all areas of the business or lack the time to effectively manage them.

You will keep working hard, but you know you can’t keep on doing the same things and expect the business growth to just happen.

From experience, implementing a strategy that you can communicate with clarity to your team, customers and all stakeholders, will avoid the usual misunderstanding of expectations and allow you to keep on top of and challenge all areas of your business.

Are you like many of my clients, past and present, who have been running their own business and have the desire to develop the business and create greater freedom for themselves? However, you have some frustrations and others “just don’t get it”.

Do you not have the time to make it happen alone or do you need the support and expertise in your business to help you develop the vision?

May I invite you for a call to discuss how I can help?