I can’t decide on the ‘Headline’ message

All the time we see great content ideas, powerful copy that shares the value offered or the expertise of the writer. However, the headline is a let down. It’s perhaps too bland, or too salesy.

Here are 6 types of headline that will spark your ideas and fuel your creativity:

1 – The “Secrets” Headline

Everyone loves discovering a secret, which makes it a really powerful word to us in your headline…

“the 5 best kept secrets to business growth”

2 – The “How To” Headline

You’ll see this formula at work all the time, there are thousands of books titles that start ‘how to’ and millions of YouTube videos. Here are some examples of the ‘how to’ being put to work…

“How to gain 500 followers in the next 7 days”

3 – The “7 steps” Headline

It doesn’t need to be 7, and it doesn’t need to be steps. In fact, you should never use nice even numbers like 10 or 20 in your headline, in my experience, people are more likely to respond to an odd number. See if you can adapt one of these examples to work for you.

“7 ways to build a business without you”

4 – The “Guarantee Headline”

These are headlines that present appealing benefits and guaranteed results. If your product or service comes with an unusual or attention-grabbing guarantee, consider using it in your headline…

“Double your investment in 30 days or your money back under my 100%, cast-iron money-back guarantee” 

5 – The Defined Person Headline

Another great headline to use if you’ve got a clearly defined audience, this headline addresses a specific type of person with the first blank, and benefit in the second.

“If you’re a business owner, you can learn how to generate more leads than ever with this online course” 

6 – The Question Headline

The question headline should pose an interesting question that your readers will be intrigued by, and want to know the answer to.

“What do the top marketing agencies know about stand out headlines that you don’t?” 

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