What health and safety considerations do I have to make?

Every business owner has a responsibility for health and safety to primarily operate a business that creates a healthy and safe environment for the staff and visitors, even if it is just yourself.

Some business will also have to consider the disposal of gases, liquids, chemicals and substances or even noise.

There are minimum standards for all businesses and if you employ more than the stated number of staff, then you should have a written health and safety policy and communicate your policy to all staff.

You should undertake risk assessments at your premises to identify hazards and risks, then determine how these will be controlled to avoid injury. Common assessment considerations for all types of businesses are slips, trips and falls, display screen equipment, portable electrical equipment, fire, and first aid provision.

If your business involves the preparation or sales of food and beverages, then you should speak to your local authorities about the required food hygiene standards.

Other considerations include your insurers requirements or equipment providers recommendations for regular inspections.

If you do have an accident in the work place, then these should be recorded in an accident book and in certain circumstances they are reportable to the enforcing authority (see RIDDOR).

The health and safety executive have a very informative web site for reviewing your specific responsibilities. If in doubt, please take professional advice as planning to prevent circumstances is better than having to deal with any consequences after an injury or accident.

It is therefore recommended to have a day to day management procedure with records evidencing your proactive actions.

For example do you check your First Aid box regularly? Do you comply with the food hygiene standards?

More details are available on the website of the health and safety executive at https://www.hse.gov.uk/

If you would like to be introduced to a trusted health and safety adviser, then please let me know.

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