Entrepreneurs Bookkeeper

By working with Entrepreneurs for a number of years, we understand the support and service you desire and, importantly, what you need to support the effective development of your business.

You want your day to day record keeping to be painless and straight forward. You will want the information in a format that you understand and is useful. You know it is critical to have timely, accurate information that helps you make your business decisions.

You want a bookkeeper that supports you, is proactive and works in a systemised way to minimise the interruptions.

I have personally ran my own bookkeeping business, which I later franchised, and co-founded a membership organisation for Bookkeepers. I have also experienced many other bookkeepers with my clients, so know how they work and what works best for you.

With my experience and understanding of the support you need as an Entrepreneur, then we have developed an offering that delivers more than simply crunching the numbers.

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