10 Frustrations, 10 Desires, 10 Dreams, and 10 Fears for small business owners

1Struggling with inefficient lead generation and sales processesStreamlined systems to nurture leads and drive conversionsHaving more qualified leads than they can handleWasting time and money on poor quality leads
2Unable to clearly articulate value prop to prospectsClearly convey their differentiation to stand outBecoming the top player in their nicheProspects choosing competitors with better messaging
3Bleeding cash due to poor financial planningHealthy cash reserves to fund growthAchieving exponential growth year after yearRunning out of cash and going under
4Fighting fires instead of working strategicallyBreathing room to plan long-term strategyBuilding a company that runs itselfBeing stuck on the hamster wheel of the day-to-day
5No insight into what prospects really wantDeep understanding of target customers’ needsProducts/services that exactly meet customer needsDeveloping offerings no one wants
6Difficulty retaining top talentBecoming the employer of choice in their industryHaving a dream team that propels rapid growthLosing their best people to competitors
7Failure to clearly convey competitive differentiationCommunicating their unique value and dominance in their nicheBecoming a household name in their industryProspects viewing them as a commodity/replaceable
8Ineffective marketing content and campaignsMarketing machine that predictably drives growthMarketing so effective they no longer have to prospectPouring money into marketing with little ROI
9Missing growth targets quarter after quarterConsistently exceeding their growth projectionsBecoming a raging success story that inspires othersTheir business model failing and company collapsing
10Draining partnership deals that bleed time and moneyLucrative partnerships/integrations that fuel rapid growthLeveraged partnerships leading them to explosive growthTime and resource-draining partnerships that destroy the business
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