What is sales?

A Sale is defined as the exchange of a commodity for money; the action of selling something.

Sales are activities related to selling or the number of goods sold in a given targeted time period.

Marketing will create the leads. Sales is to follow up the lead, build the relationship and close by obtaining a commitment to buy.

Sales decisions are often based on emotion rather than logic.

Your Sales opportunities will be maximised with a good sales process, which I suggest contains:

  1. Your Introduction positioning the reason for meeting and thanking for the opportunity
  2. An opening benefit statement considering the prospects pain, problem, fear, that takes control of the conversation and captures the interest to want to take the next step to know more
  3. Establish the need or want with a series of questions (open, closed, probing, alternative, assumptive, leading, paraphrasing). Ask questions that lead the prospect to the point where they realise that they have a need.
  4. Re-confirm the need or want by summarising your understanding and getting the prospect to acknowledge the need
  5. Meet the need / want by matching with benefits
  6. Summarise the benefits and bring in the propects goals where possible
  7. Close and Ask for the sale (assumptive, alternative, summary, fear, what if, direct)
  8. Look for the buying signals

Sales are made more simple with effective communication. Remember communication is not just the words you use. Too often people think of the perfect script and not how it will be presented. Research indicates that the tools of effective communication are based on the Words (7%), Voice (38%) and your Body language (55%).

Many factors are involved in the communication process which ultimately influences the final interpretation. You should recognise that different people receive information in different ways.

  • Visual (like to see it)
  • Auditory (like to hear it)
  • Kinesthetic (like to feel it, do it)

Presenting your sales information in the way that best suits your prospect will influence decisions and make you more effective in dealing with people.

If you are fearful of sales, then reposition it. Consider that it is a process of helping someone to buy from you or some research to see if they would buy.

Finally, listen twice as often as you speak. Use silence towait for the answer and don’t answer for the prospect. Often they will sell themselves.

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