An entrepreneur taking time out of business to learn
20 July 2023 | business-development podcast

An entrepreneur’s never done learning

If you’re of the same mind as me but are looking for where to learn your lessons, here are some ideas to help your continual development.

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The Entrepreneurs Mentor app screen shot
13 January 2023 | business-development podcast

The Entrepreneurs Mentor App

All my free resources are available on the go, in one place, at the touch of a button. Download The Entrepreneurs Mentor app today, to ensure valuable items such my Podcast and blogs are always close at hand.

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A treasure chest with gold coins, signifying value in business
26 August 2022 | business-development podcast

How to deliver value to your customers

The first thing to understand is that business doesn’t just come to you – you have to be proactive and go out and find it. The work we do now will have an effect on our sales pipeline in 2-3 months’ time, so what value are you adding to your prospects right now?

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Business woman juggling
19 August 2022 | business-development podcast

4 questions to boost your productivity

Ask yourself these four questions today and you’ll find you’re left with only the tasks you want to do and the ones only you can do, tomorrow. For change to happen, you need to break a habit and replace it with a new, productive one.

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Business Q&A
13 May 2022 | podcast support

Business Q&A with me, Mike Foster the Entrepreneurs Mentor

You will need a support network of people around you. Not just family and friends that will give you unconditional support, but as important as that is, you’ll need someone who will question and challenge your decisions, dedication, perseverance and drive. Someone that will help you develop a growth mindset.

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Podcast on Trust
13 August 2020 | podcast


My latest ‘Just a view’ Podcast is live Catch my latest episode…

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