Entrepreneurs Table

As an entrepreneur and leader, are you looking for a peer networking experience that is a good use of your time?

The Entrepreneurs Table presents the opportunity to regularly share conversation with some of the other respected entrepreneurs and leaders in the county. To share a comfortable atmosphere, with food, whilst also sharing experience and knowledge around the ‘hot topics’ in entrepreneurship and leadership today.

The Entrepreneurs Table is a peer group roundtable for open minded entrepreneurs, who want to develop their own leadership style, in an environment that helps them consider an alternative way of thinking as a dynamic leader and share their experience or thoughts with others.

From a monthly, private room meeting, you will have the opportunity to engage in-depth conversations with a group of peers, offering support and ideas to each other, without the usual daily distractions.

Tables meet over breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Each ‘table’ is a small, diverse group of entrepreneurial leaders, learning from each other, addressing common challenges and opportunities, and developing lasting personal, trusted, connections.

The attendees will be from non competing businesses and ‘Chatham house rules’ will apply.

Personal, Purposeful, Quality conversations that will develop trusted relationships with like-minded people, who are facing the same business and leadership questions you face each day.

Join us for vigorous, candid and honest conversations about your experiences as an entrepreneur, a leader and those leadership competencies most important to you.

This is an experience unavailable in the workplace. A table is the blend of professional and social, of CPD and networking.

A Limited number of seats are available around each table.

Membership fee applies.

Become part of this trusted support network with your peers.


For over a decade, I have been creating opportunities to bring business owners together to build personal relationships where ‘people buy people’ and not just the label they represent. Environments where the quality is my focus.

Would you like a seat around one of the tables? ‪