The number 6 painted on a wall by some concrete steps
7 September 2023 | business-development support

6 Financial management tips for business owners

Regularly review your profit and loss statements, your balance sheets and your cash flow statements to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business’s financial health.

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A small tree growing out of a pile of coins
31 August 2023 | business-development

Four places to find business grants in Oxfordshire

No matter your business focus or stage the of development your business is at, I’m sure the BIPC will have the support you’re looking for.

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Someone planting a seed, investing the time and care to grow.
24 August 2023 | business-development

How to tell if your business is ready for growth investment

Including trigger points as part of your business goal planning is a great way to help you make decisions and take action without emotion. For example, when your client base gets to a determined number, you either say goodbye to some, or invest in freelancers/employees.

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Someone making calculations to work out the cost of business.
17 August 2023 | business-development

What costs are considered essential in running a business?

Working out where to cut costs and perhaps reinvest that cash into growth strategies isn’t always easy when you have numerous, seemingly vital expenses for the day-to-day running of your business. The aim of this article is to help you identify those costs which are considered essential in the running of your business, so you can either save money, or reinvest it elsewhere.

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Two people having a conversation at work in a meeting designed to learn about each other.
27 July 2023 | business-development

Undercover boss – What’s the best way to learn about your employees?

Don’t save your employee learning as an annual event. Regular conversations keeps the topics fresh in everyone’s mind, timely and builds stronger relationships between employer and employee.

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An entrepreneur taking time out of business to learn
20 July 2023 | business-development podcast

An entrepreneur’s never done learning

If you’re of the same mind as me but are looking for where to learn your lessons, here are some ideas to help your continual development.

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