26 November 2023 | business-development

The Business Empowerment Programme

YOU have the Power…….. ……..to change your business for the better. Even…

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a person selecting either a smiley face, a straight mouthed face or a sad face in a customer service questionnaire
23 November 2023 | business-development

7 ways to improve customer experience and grow revenue

With continual customer experience improvement, comes better and more customer reviews. Optimise your Google Business Profile and use the link to build those reviews. You can put it behind a QR code on your invoices or email the link with receipts.

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A woman on a production line, giving the thumbs up to the camera.
16 November 2023 | business-development

Improve productivity and efficiency in your business

Do you have an innovative way of measuring productivity of staff that don’t directly impact income?

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A man looking shocked at this mechanic's bill. But he doesn't understand how much work has gone into the job.
2 November 2023 | business-development

7 ways to overcome price objections in a sales meeting

If you value your product or service and have priced it fairly and competitively, whilst considering your audience, then don’t let it be devalued.

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Children selling lemonade at a handmade stall. Making the most of their sales opportunities!
26 October 2023 | business-development

How to make the most of your sales opportunities

The aim of asking questions is to lead your sales prospect to the point where they realise on their own terms, that they have a need for your product or service.

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The letter R in typeface
5 October 2023 | business-development

The six R’s in business: Review, Reflect, Recap, Risk, Resource, Return

Take this opportunity to share your business with me and I’ll share my knowledge and experience to provide you with reassurance, challenges, and real-life case studies to spark or fuel your ideas and add an innovative, creative approach for your contemplation.

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