A calculator showing the word 'budget' on the screen
4 August 2022 | business-development

How to set a marketing budget

Marketing is not a golden ticket to doubling your customer base, but it is a sound investment for future growth. To effectively scale you want your marketing to provide a reliable flow of new leads. In summary, these things will help guide your marketing spend…

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A business person next to a hand-drawn rocket
29 July 2022 | business-development

How can a business mentor help you?

A business mentor has experience to share that fills any knowledge gaps or provides another perspective, they have demonstrable tactics and tools to share that gets you closer to positive gain and they provide external motivation and accountability. Business has many ups and downs so a mentor’s support will keep you focused on your why, your purpose and your reasons for running your business.

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A melting clock, signifying time melting away due to procrastination
22 July 2022 | business-development support

Where does the time go? How to beat distractions and procrastination

At the end of the day, having the right mindset to work effectively without distraction or procrastinating over a task is what will give you back your time. Are you ready to do business?

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A sprinter launching from the blocks
14 July 2022 | business-development

How do you build traction in business?

Marketing plays a large part in building traction at every stage of the customer journey, so take time to map your marketing activities and sales process at every stage.

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A pair of binoculars on a map, with the words, 'Part two... Turnover is vanity, prfit is sanity, but CASH is KING
24 June 2022 | business-development

Financial forecasting part two – 5 steps to create a profit and loss forecast

Keep your forecast fluid, as a working document, much like your business plan; review it and update it with what actually happened. Don’t hide it away to collect dust!

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A pair of binoculars on a map, with the words, 'part one... be prepared for what lies ahead'
| business-development

Financial forecasting part one – How important is a profit and loss forecast?

A forecast can you help answer questions like; How much better could my business be if I looked at the numbers in advance? What is my growth going to look like? What impact is that growth going to have on my working capital? Can I expand my business and make new hires? And do I need to assess my investment spending?

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