A large number 1, ith the words, 'May you have strong foundations when the winds of change shift.
11 April 2024 | business-development

Laying the foundations for a mighty business – Level 1 of Entrepreneurs Circle’s Masterplan explained

Steps one and two are concerned with the why and the what of growing your desired business, and step three is all about the how – HOW does your business generate the numbers necessary to deliver you a lifestyle you desire?

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The 9 steps of the Entrepreneurs Circle's Masterplan
28 March 2024 | business-development

The Entrepreneurs Circle’s 9 -Step Masterplan and it’s three levels

The Masterplan is also about working on your T.E.R.M.S. – whether you wish to remain working in it or not. And this requires a process.

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A group of apprentices in the workplace
8 February 2024 | business-development

Am I ready to take on an apprentice?

In this article we’ll look at what’s involved in taking on an apprentice for the first time, and how they could make a difference.

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A mother duck ushering her ducklings along in a row.
25 January 2024 | business-development

Back to basics with best practice for improving business operations

A caveat: Best practice is not set in stone and is not designed to repress creativity or personalities within an organisation. These are things that bring interest and innovation to an organisations practice!

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Plastic bottles on a production line
11 January 2024 | business-development

Nail the basics of productivity

Can you train someone with a natural aptitude to take on some of your workload or part of the process? That way you’re showing respect to your team, offering them a chance to progress through training and reducing your distractions – Nailed it!

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An egg with a crack in it
4 January 2024 | business-development

How to change your business model to achieve the lifestyle you want

This simple tool will help you look at what happened last year and what you learned from it, so you can move ahead with greater clarity.

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