Two people having a conversation at work in a meeting designed to learn about each other.
27 July 2023 | business-development

Undercover boss – What’s the best way to learn about your employees?

Don’t save your employee learning as an annual event. Regular conversations keeps the topics fresh in everyone’s mind, timely and builds stronger relationships between employer and employee.

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An entrepreneur taking time out of business to learn
20 July 2023 | business-development podcast

An entrepreneur’s never done learning

If you’re of the same mind as me but are looking for where to learn your lessons, here are some ideas to help your continual development.

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A man scaling the walls of a business building, using ropes to climb
28 June 2023 | business-development

How to create a 90-day plan to scale your business in 10 steps

Look at your vision for the year and break it down into four stages – what can you do in each three-month sprint to help you get there?

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A person lacing up running shoes, preparing for making healthy new habits
22 June 2023 | business-development support

Small changes to create new habits every day

Change takes you out of your comfort zone, feels uncomfortable or risky, and so no matter how good your intentions are, you just can’t replace old habits. Well, here are some small changes you can make to help you stick with your intentions to create healthy new habits.

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A digital model of new house build, on some architect's drawings. This symbolises the difference between a plan and the strategy
15 June 2023 | business-development

What’s the difference between a business plan and a business growth strategy?

For a business to be most successful in making a step change toward growth, you would ideally have both a business plan and a growth strategy in place.

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A man enjoying stand up paddle boarding, signifying how he is using the flow
8 June 2023 | business-development support

What is business flow and how do we use it for greater productivity?

By creating a more efficient and effective way of operating, by having ‘flow’ in your business, it can help you scale, expand into new markets, increase your bottom line and generally feel happier about your business.

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