A woman dressed in business attire, leaning against a glazed office wall
14 March 2024 | charitable support

Supporting neurodiversity and women in business

As part of a thriving business community, I believe we all have an obligation to learn and understand more about the challenges faced by neurodiverse women in business, and how they respond to them.

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A silhouette of a women's head decorated with flowers inside
6 March 2024 | charitable support

International Women’s Day 2024 – Inspire Inclusion

Aspirations must be heard, input, interests and needs must be considered in equal measure, and any time we believe this has not happened, we must be able to speak out.

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A female business woman drawing a heart trace line with a heart shape in the middle.
29 February 2024 | support

How to fall back in love with your business

If you’re falling out of love with your business, try to connect with the reason why you got into the relationship in the first place, remind yourself of all the good times, look forward to more in the future and since your business is not a sentient being, this one really can be changed to suit you better!

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A woman sitting behind her laptop holding her hands in the yoga-ohm position and taking a moment to clear her mind
22 February 2024 | support

8 tips for managing your mental health in business on Emotional Health Day

If the task really does need to be done by you and you alone, perhaps there is a way that focusing on it, reducing distractions and giving yourself a reward afterwards will make it less onerous.

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Giant letters L, O, V and E piled on top of each other, outside an office building.
1 February 2024 | charitable support

How to show love in your business

Showing love in your business goes outside the boundaries of the buildings though, and projects onto your customer base too.

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A graphic design of people in circles connected by lines of a network
18 January 2024 | support

Is your networking working?

Networking is just business-speak for getting together with fellow business owners to catch up with how they’re doing, listen to their stories of woe or success and perhaps offer a thought or word of advice, support and encouragement. It’s making business friends that you can one day call upon for help. But how do we make friends as adults

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