In September I launched 6xR, an opportunity for you to take a strategic overview of your business so you can take control of the direction you’re heading in.

The last three years have seen the onset of a period of financial and economic uncertainty for too many of us. The pressure that business owners have been under has been exhausting.

My own experience as a business owner has taught me that this is the time to take a strategic look at what we’ve been doing to grow our business, and what can be done in the future. The time is now, before the exhaustion becomes termination.


Look at your business model. How is your business organised in terms of processes, value proposition, offering and positioning? Has it changed since you began in business? Is it time to change now?


What parts of your business are working brilliantly? Were there lessons learned that shaped a new process? Did you discover new trigger points to put into your business to help you make decisions?


Of those parts that are working well for you, have you rewarded yourself or your staff for their part? How are you highlighting the key lessons or takeaways from the last few years?


Consider the risks of making changes in your business, and importantly, not making changes.


Have you got what it takes? By which I mean, do you have the necessary resources to execute the tasks identified to bring you closer to your goals?


Are you happy with your business? Are you content that it’s providing what you need? Are you getting the financial and personal gains that you envisioned when you began?

6xR is a course of four, 90-minute sessions with me so we can go through these questions and anything else you need to focus on, to achieve the business you deserve.

Take this opportunity to share your business with me and I’ll share my knowledge and experience to provide you with reassurance, challenges, and real-life case studies to spark or fuel your ideas and add an innovative, creative approach for your contemplation.

Based on feedback from my business community of the current challenges, I have designed a programme with the 6xRs in mind, to cover four specific focus areas:

  1. The foundations – your strategic overview, model, organisational chart, value proposition, offering, positioning,
  2. Attracting the customers, you really want – customer segments, relationships, marketing channels, and tactics
  3. Delivering the promise – operational excellence, internal and external resources, automation/delegation/outsource,
  4. Making your numbers work – Revenue channels, accounts review, expense reflection, forecast, success drivers, and KPI’s.

Your investment is just £1,275 and sessions can be held in person or over Zoom, however is most convenient for you.

I’ll finish by saying this is a limited offer, so if you’d like one of the six places on 6xR, please send me a message on LinkedIn, email me or give me a call on 01235 614809.

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