A person improving their shed by giving it a lick of paint
9 November 2023 | support uncategorised

Six areas of your business you can always improve upon

Improvement, growth, scaling whatever you call it and whatever it looks like to you all comes down to producing a successful outcome following an activity. The more efficiently you can execute that activity the greater the product will be.

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A business woman falling backwards with her arms crosse don her chest, into the waiting arms of colleagues
14 September 2023 | uncategorised

Good leadership starts with trust: 5 steps to build it in your team

All it takes to build trust in your team, is to lead by example and trust them, so you can be trusted in return.

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Musculoskeletal Partners Network
23 August 2023 | uncategorised

Supporting members of the Musculoskeletal Partners Network

I am delighted to announce that I have partnered with MSKPN to…

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A vintage looking image of a woman wearing a headscarf, using a metal ruler to check the level of her shoe heel
10 August 2023 | support uncategorised

How to combat perfectionism in business

Every piece of work lands on a scale of excellence and the idea is that every piece produced aims to move that mean average up the scale.

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A man looking happily at himself in a mirror
13 July 2023 | support uncategorised

Affirmations that support your desire to scale your business

And I understand that affirmations and The Law of Attraction isn’t for everyone, but if imposter syndrome can be worsened by negative self-talk, then it stands to reason that positive self-talk has the opposite effect.

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A woman looking up into the camera whilst holding her hands in fists to her chin, looking concerned.
6 July 2023 | support uncategorised

Beat imposter syndrome in your business

The difference between self-preservation and imposter syndrome is the way you speak to yourself, and why you make a decision.

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