A pack of wolves, signifying leadership
21 September 2023 | support

What is leading by example and is it effective?

the team need to trust that you’re working in everyone’s best interest, and not just serving yourself.

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The number 6 painted on a wall by some concrete steps
7 September 2023 | business-development support

6 Financial management tips for business owners

Regularly review your profit and loss statements, your balance sheets and your cash flow statements to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business’s financial health.

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A vintage looking image of a woman wearing a headscarf, using a metal ruler to check the level of her shoe heel
10 August 2023 | support uncategorised

How to combat perfectionism in business

Every piece of work lands on a scale of excellence and the idea is that every piece produced aims to move that mean average up the scale.

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A man in a shirt and tie, holding his hand up in the OK signal
3 August 2023 | support

5 lessons in leadership from an entrepreneur

Successful leaders use clear and open, honest communication to help build trust and ensure everyone is aligned with the company’s vision.

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A man looking happily at himself in a mirror
13 July 2023 | support uncategorised

Affirmations that support your desire to scale your business

And I understand that affirmations and The Law of Attraction isn’t for everyone, but if imposter syndrome can be worsened by negative self-talk, then it stands to reason that positive self-talk has the opposite effect.

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A woman looking up into the camera whilst holding her hands in fists to her chin, looking concerned.
6 July 2023 | support uncategorised

Beat imposter syndrome in your business

The difference between self-preservation and imposter syndrome is the way you speak to yourself, and why you make a decision.

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