A pile of sticky notes with the top one reading, 'Help Others'
15 February 2024 | Charitable

Using your business to show love to others

If you’ve had a positive experience working with a supplier, or collaborating with another business, show you care by leaving a few words about that experience on a public platform.

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A group of apprentices in the workplace
8 February 2024 | Business Development

Am I ready to take on an apprentice?

In this article we’ll look at what’s involved in taking on an apprentice for the first time, and how they could make a difference.

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Giant letters L, O, V and E piled on top of each other, outside an office building.
1 February 2024 | Charitable Support

How to show love in your business

Showing love in your business goes outside the boundaries of the buildings though, and projects onto your customer base too.

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A mother duck ushering her ducklings along in a row.
25 January 2024 | Business Development

Back to basics with best practice for improving business operations

A caveat: Best practice is not set in stone and is not designed to repress creativity or personalities within an organisation. These are things that bring interest and innovation to an organisations practice!

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A graphic design of people in circles connected by lines of a network
18 January 2024 | Support

Is your networking working?

Networking is just business-speak for getting together with fellow business owners to catch up with how they’re doing, listen to their stories of woe or success and perhaps offer a thought or word of advice, support and encouragement. It’s making business friends that you can one day call upon for help. But how do we make friends as adults

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Plastic bottles on a production line
11 January 2024 | Business Development

Nail the basics of productivity

Can you train someone with a natural aptitude to take on some of your workload or part of the process? That way you’re showing respect to your team, offering them a chance to progress through training and reducing your distractions – Nailed it!

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