Children selling lemonade at a handmade stall. Making the most of their sales opportunities!
26 October 2023 | Business Development

How to make the most of your sales opportunities

The aim of asking questions is to lead your sales prospect to the point where they realise on their own terms, that they have a need for your product or service.

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A cheesy guy in sunglasses making the 'call me' gesture
19 October 2023 | Support

10 tips for improving the dreaded sales call

You’ll have more success pulling people towards you with interest by sharing stories, anecdotes, case studies even, than by mechanically following a sales script. Remember, people buy people, so be a real person, not a dreaded salesperson.

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A shopper in a sports shop, looking at golf clubs
12 October 2023 | Support

The ‘What, Why, So’ sales technique and how to use it

This phase is all about active listening so you can gather information, but importantly understand their emotions and motivations and start connecting the dots to find solutions.

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The letter R in typeface
5 October 2023 | Business Development

The six R’s in business: Review, Reflect, Recap, Risk, Resource, Return

Take this opportunity to share your business with me and I’ll share my knowledge and experience to provide you with reassurance, challenges, and real-life case studies to spark or fuel your ideas and add an innovative, creative approach for your contemplation.

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A little boy holding a cup and string telephone to his ear
28 September 2023 | Support

The art of communicating with your team

Try to maintain positivity, reasoning and control when holding team meetings and when having one-to-ones. If you’re discussing something emotive, it’s OK to allow your team to see how you’re affected by it

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A pack of wolves, signifying leadership
21 September 2023 | Support

What is leading by example and is it effective?

the team need to trust that you’re working in everyone’s best interest, and not just serving yourself.

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