13 May 2022 | Podcast Support

Business Q&A with me, Mike Foster the Entrepreneurs Mentor

You will need a support network of people around you. Not just family and friends that will give you unconditional support, but as important as that is, you’ll need someone who will question and challenge your decisions, dedication, perseverance and drive. Someone that will help you develop a growth mindset.

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Business people on the starting line, waiting for the trigger to be pulled
6 May 2022 | Business Development

Using trigger points to keep your business on track

Having trigger points in place helps you base difficult decisions on fact and therefore makes it less emotional when communicating the decisions behind your actions to the person or people they affect.

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A woman with her hand up signifying, 'no', with the words, 'master the art of saying no, to get the business you desire
28 April 2022 | Support

3 ways to find the strength to say no!

Can you say no to someone who doesn’t give you the respect you deserve? A persistent late payer, a non-communicative customer… Can you say no to a prospective new employee that shows promise, but isn’t the right fit, right now?

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Light bulbs, with the words, 'the best bits of smarter goal planning'.
22 April 2022 | Business Development Support

SMARTER goals – Business jargon, or a meaningful tool?

To save you from the whole spiel, I’m only going to look at what I believe are the three most valuable parts of SMARTER goals: Specific, Achievable, Realistic, and we’ll touch on measuring, time, evaluating and reviewing as we go.

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A way out sign, with the words, 'the best time to plan your exit is now'.
15 April 2022 | Business Development Support

Plan to exit your business – starting today

The earlier you can plan for major change, the better it is for guiding your business decisions. Planning to exit your business is a major change often considered too late.

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Old fashioned scales
8 April 2022 | Business Development Support

10 Steps to consider when scaling your business beyond yourself

At this stage you are looking to increase revenues without a substantial increase in costs and create a framework that will underpin your growth plans. Put simply, it is a positive, change in your business that has a measurable outcome.

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