How does exercise relate to activity in our business?

As in business, when we think about exercise, we know that certain activities are good for the health and wellbeing.

We know that with good habits, often we see positive results. However, are some thoughts around exercise the same as those we have for some activities in our business? Perhaps selling or going that extra mile in customer service?

Some love certain exercise. Some love specific areas of business. However, many don’t exercise as much as we should and I believe many businesses don’t do enough of what they know they really should.

Four stages

With exercise there are perhaps four stages we can all relate to:

Getting started – often a mindset as it can be difficult to start and easier to do something else. The motivation is often low, as we are not convinced why we should start, often because it means change or to do something we’ve not done before. There is also a feeling that as results are not guaranteed, why bother.

Kick off – The motivation has kicked in with a purpose, a goal or an objective, perhaps even a sense of pain for not doing it before. At this point, we wonder why we took so long to start, we wish we had started earlier and ask ourselves why we were ever questioning getting started, as it feels good. At this stage, we feel anything is achievable.

Mid-phase – At some point, it starts to feel hard. We have to dig deep and persist. We have to really be focused to finish the planned activity. It is often when we start to perhaps question why we are doing it and maybe start wanting to stop. We ask ourselves if it is really worth it?

Completion – After you have completed the exercise, it may have been tiring even exhausting, but it now feels good. You are totally motivated and want to do it again as soon as possible. You want to repeat the experience, as you have now seen the positive impact with the outcome of the activity.

How does that relate to business?

Are there things you avoid as you are not motivated to do them or you don’t start as you can’t see an obvious quick win? Do you stop when it gets difficult or do you persist with your activities and see the reward of your hard work?

Are you keeping your business as fit as possible?

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