Is running your business like your diet?

When we eat the ‘right things’, and exercise the related good habits, then we generally feel healthy and energised. If we applied this principle to our business and did the ‘right things’ would our business be more healthy?

Research shows that if you plan your food, then you have a better chance of controlling your weight and your healthy diet. So applying this to our business, if we plan our business and our activity well, then the same question, would our business be more healthy?

When you have a diet plan, you are less likely to be tempted by something that you perhaps should not be having. So again looking in our business, if we plan the activities that we should undertake, then it is less likely that we will be tempted or distracted by other less important activities or fire fighting.

I’ve explored the benefits of planning whilst over the last decade testing ideas and tools to manage and better plan our diaries, as well as the prioritisation of our To Do lists.

If we do the right things such as eat the ‘right’ food and take exercise we will be healthier. If in our business we do the right things and exercise the right activity then it is likely we will have a healthier business.

If you need help with your planning and accountability, then have you explored my Mentoring support?
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