Time management

Six areas of your business you can always improve upon

A person improving their shed by giving it a lick of paint

Improvement, growth, scaling whatever you call it and whatever it looks like to you all comes down to producing a successful outcome following an activity. The more efficiently you can execute that activity the greater the product will be.

Why business processes are important

A driving inspector demonstrating the mirror, signal, manoeuvre process

No one could expect you to jump in the driver’s seat and take a leisurely drive into the countryside, and you can’t expect someone to jump into a workplace role without guidance, and making the odd mistake, either.

Struggling with staff productivity?

A member of staff at their computer, wearing a pirate hat. Not looking very productive! The words say, 'Are your staff less productive, or is it all in your head?'

Are your employees less productive whilst working remotely, or is their time drained by switching from one app to another and moving equipment to and from multiple locations? Or is it all in your head?