Time management

Optimisation and how to take back control of your work life

Before adding more profits to the business, it’s vital that we plug any leaks, so you retain maximum value.
Looking for leaks such as when potential customers lost interest, and why, gives you the knowledge required to design the right ‘lever’ to pull and plug that leak.

Nail the basics of productivity

Plastic bottles on a production line

Can you train someone with a natural aptitude to take on some of your workload or part of the process? That way you’re showing respect to your team, offering them a chance to progress through training and reducing your distractions – Nailed it!

Six areas of your business you can always improve upon

A person improving their shed by giving it a lick of paint

Improvement, growth, scaling whatever you call it and whatever it looks like to you all comes down to producing a successful outcome following an activity. The more efficiently you can execute that activity the greater the product will be.