Rebecca Woolmington, HRCentral Ltd

Rebecca’s business is 15 years old. HRCentral Ltd. looks after a range business clients who need support with anything people centred. Acting as an extension to your existing management team, HRCentral ensures that you’re always legally compliant and following best practice.

Rebecca had worked with business coaches in the past who she felt excelled in one or two aspects, but just didn’t have the overall coverage she was looking for. For example, one coach was very good at talking her through difficult decision making and another was excellent with marketing advice. However, Rebecca needed a single source to call upon.

I helped Rebecca to grow her team and consequently the client base followed suit. I was on hand as an advisor and sanity check, during the process creation and hiring phases.

So, when I asked if Rebecca would be kind enough to share her experience of working with me, she was happy to talk to one of my team and give her take on how I supported her business growth.

Rebecca, your business focuses on the need of your clients, rather than a specific industry, do you find you need to have a wealth of knowledge on every sector?

“In the early days I had a client who were piping engineers. I felt it was really important to understand their sector and the difficulties they face, so I learnt how to read the technical drawings.

Even today, 15 years on, we still go to clients’ workshops and visit them on the ‘shop floor’. Today, for example I’m going to a bearings company and will go from the workshop to the board table.

We don’t offer a sticking plaster solution for HR that just comes out of a box, we want to really know the client.”

So, given that you provide a lot of support for your clients, how did you feel about the prospect of looking for help for yourself?

“I’d always recognised the importance of having external support. Business coaches I’d had in the past excelled in one or two respects but didn’t seem get the holistic side of my needs. Mike is really well connected, he’s non-judgemental, he’s not a box ticker and he almost acts as a non-exec within my business!

I appreciate how he listens to all the issues from everyone on my team, no matter what it relates to. I feel that Mike’s unlike any other business coach I’ve had, he’s definitely a mentor.”

Let’s talk about what help you were looking for when you got in touch with Mike, and what brought him to your attention.

“I’ve been working with Mike for 8 months or so now and found him at a networking event. He’s also always on LinkedIn giving advice and tips and I noticed he was working with clients I was attracted by.

I was looking for someone that didn’t specialise in one area but could offer the benefit of their expertise across a range of subjects. Mike fitted the bill.”

And what about the steps you worked through to achieve the status you’re currently at

“So, Mike helped me to grow my team so I could grow my client base.

He gave me the analogy of a jigsaw puzzle and we talked about the big picture. He then highlighted the pieces of the puzzle that would fit together to produce that picture. Some pieces were already in place, but there were some that I needed to create, such as getting processes down.

Mike sanity checked my processes and decisions during the hiring phase and was a constant source of advice.

I’m still in regular contact with Mike including ad hoc support and regular reviews of my business, just to keep it all running smoothly.”

And finally, can you summarise how Mike has been the biggest help?

“Undoubtedly, it’s as sounding board.

There are some things I don’t want to speak to my team about as it is not appropriate. Mike knows my business, he’s pragmatic and confidential, gives unbiased feedback and wise advice, I can bounce ideas off him, and he plays devil’s advocate. He knows me and my comfort zone and knows how far I’m willing to step outside of it!

As our business grows and develops so does Mike’s knowledge of it, and so he may be with us for many years to come – I can’t see us outgrowing Mike as quickly as some other coaches.

I appreciate his calm demeanour and how he positively challenges me (when needed!) He’s simply different. With Mike’s help I have taken my business to the next level. I can’t thank him enough.”

Ask for a complimentary mentoring session

Rebecca chose me as her business mentor and coach because of my vast experience in virtually every aspect of business and many industry sectors. As a result, her team has doubled in size, and she has a sound client base to support that.

Not only that, but Rebecca now has processes in place that can be repeated if she chooses to continue her expansion.

If you’re not sure if you need a business mentor, or whether we’d be the right fit, I offer a free one-hour session. Simply click the button and select a date and time that suits you.

If you’d like to get in touch with Rebecca Woolmington to talk about how HRCentral Ltd could help your business, visit the website, or contact her direct, through LinkedIn.

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