There comes a time when working harder or doing more of the same just isn’t working anymore. Your trigger point for needing a change is when you’re working longer hours and not bringing in new business. When you realise your business is simply providing you with another job, rather than the lifestyle you originally desired, it’s time for change.

Too many balls in the air?

You’re not alone in feeling like you play too many roles in your own business. There comes a point when growth just seems to falter and you feel like you and your business are stagnating, going through the motions and not getting the excitement and pleasure from it you did at the start.

You’ve realised that no matter how hard you work, how many hours or how much money you put into the business, you’re just not breaking through to the next level.

I’ve seen this many times and experienced it myself in my own businesses over the last 25 years, too. I have witnessed and gone through most of the scenarios that keep businesses like yours from developing.

So, that time is now, the moment has arrived, change must happen…

Do you want to;

  • Develop your business
  • Take control of your activities
  • Make better use of your time
  • Get a better return on investment?

Not all business mentoring involves a strict schedule of work to follow. The advice and tools you will discover in my Online Business Builder Programme is produced in 12, 1-hour modules, which you can work through every day, every week or every month depending on what suits you best.

“Although I was sceptical at first, thinking we would have homework to do, and how would I manage to get that done on top of everything else, Mike does not actually work like that at all. Mike makes us think about our priorities and how to make them happen in realistic time.”

What will I get out of it?

The programme is designed with business owners like you in mind. The content will help you identify what really needs to be done to build a business that simply works. Each hour provides specific guidance on the steps to take for growth.

  1. The big picture
  2. Your one-page business plan
  3. Managing your time
  4. Making the numbers work
  5. Forecasting for success
  6. Strategic marketing, pricing and proposition
  7. Marketing tactics to attract new clients
  8. Seven systemised steps to grow
  9. Systemising your business
  10. Making the most of your sales opportunities
  11. Developing your team
  12. Your plan for creating action.

These 12 video-led modules will help you develop a sound foundation, based on your own thoughts, with my experience and insight for guidance. You deserve to achieve the business that you have put your hard work into, and together we will get you there. It won’t cost the earth either, you’ll be pleased to know. The full price is £279 for all 12 modules, or you can split the payments into 4 instalments.

“Working with Mike over the last 10 months has been a blast! I have gone from working in my business to working on my business. I’m getting results and achieving more than expected.”

I promise that if you commit to my Online Business Development Programme it will:

  • Give you new ideas to develop your business or build on your success to date
  • Enable you to reflect on your business and what changes are truly possible
  • Help you establish the priorities that will motivate you to implement the change
  • Establish ways to not only change what or how you do things but also improve your business revenue and bottom line
  • Allow you to take a step back and enjoy a holistic view of your business.

Get started today by signing up online, or read more about what’s in each module on my website.

As ever if you have any queries relating to this topic or feel like you’ve come to a crossroads in your business, feel free to call me on 01235 614809, or drop me an email.

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