Dreams and visions from your holidays

Ever been on holiday and had the most amazing start up idea?

It’s one of the reasons, I can’t relax on holiday!

I find that August and December are months when many people think of starting their own business or actually seriously progress their thoughts.

Personally, I then see a spike of new business enquiries from start up business owners during Q4 and January.

This is because many have been on holiday (well in usual circumstances), relaxing, but at the same time thinking about the future or even identifying that they are not really enjoying their current role.

When the mind is relaxed, then creativity often finds a place and sometimes the best business ideas are thought of.

You may even see a business operating when you are on holiday and think that could work where I live. It may just be the time out you needed to be able to spend time thinking about your idea. Certainly some of my best ideas for new businesses or expansions have been laid in the sun or relaxing with a glass of mulled wine.

Although, it is exciting to progress these ideas, I encourage people not rush back and hand in that resignation immediately! Think about your business plan, get your ideas down on paper, do the finances and certainly complete your market research. Does it actually work? Is there a market prepared to pay for the product or service?

Create the right foundations and review all those initial considerations that need to be made to ensure that running your own business is right for you and is the correct decision. It is like building a house, which will be more stable if the foundations are right from day one.

Can you afford to start your own business?

Are you a risk taker? They say all top entrepreneurs are willing to take risks. However, many take calculated risks unless they can afford the possible loss.

Starting your own business will always be a risk, as there are not such guarantees in life. So I recommend you review your personal financial position to ensure that you can afford to start your business.

Firstly I would recommend a review of your personal assets, especially your liquid assets such as bank or savings accounts, shares etc, so you know you have back up resources if it takes longer than planned to get the business off the ground and that you have some initial working capital.

A few years ago, I co-produced, scripted and presented a DVD for business start ups. On our web site www.startyourownbusinessdvd.co.uk we offer a template to help this consideration. We also offer a template for considering of your personal survival budget. This is the minimum figure that you need the business to earn for you each month to ensure that your personally survive. It is no good running a business that breaks even without providing you with cash or a return to achieve the motivation and reasons you started the business. 

Why a Business Start Up DVD?

Many people have asked the question, why publish your advice by DVD rather than a book?

Well firstly when I researched the resources available, there were so many books and good books at that, but I found it near impossible to choose the best one for me.

We then completed some market research and discovered that many people are enjoying the medium of video to gather information rather than reading a book. When we then shared a taster sample of the content, the feedback was so positive, then it had to be a DVD.

The feedback so far has been that new entrepreneurs enjoy the fresh approach, but most of all the mix of text (used on the screens) and presentation / images to reinforce the messages.

I am passionate about supporting business start ups and felt that a DVD was the ideal way to share this compared to pages of black text on white pages.

Why not take a look at our reasonably priced DVD at www.startyourownbusinessdvd.co.uk where you can see some samples of the content we have created to help you make those initial considerations and importantly create the right foundation for your future success.

If you are setting up a business, then good luck.


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