Together Everyone Achieves More. Well that is the most common reply when many think of T.E.A.M. In fact, I quite like this reference, but I’d like to share a couple of thoughts of mine around TEAM.

Firstly, when I think of team, I think beyond the actual defination. I also consider those that create your wider team, beyond your PAYE employees. For example, your sub-contractors, supply chain partners, advisers etc/

From my experience of working with, and helping clients build, effective teams it tells me that another slant on T.E.A.M. really helps an effective team performance.

Training – Not just effective training for the individuals role, but also your business systems. Where each team member is supportive of each others development. Where people embrace change and are even visionary to be ahead of the competition with their skills and knowledge. A team that regularly undertakes training gap analysis and are motivated to take action for a more effective impact.

Engagement – the power of a team working with you, as much for you. A unity of purpose, commited to each other and the cause. A team that is empowered and encouraged to show its initiative. They demonstrate the creation of reliability.

Atmosphere – where everyone is involved and interested. There are good communication levels, given in a constructive manner. Informal, comfortable, relaxed and the allowance to express their feelings and ideas are key factors to a conducive atmosphere. Where strong direction for the right people in the right roles is a given. Collaborative working supports interaction. Awareness of possible conflicts, which are resolved quickly.

Motivation – Motivated by a leader that listens. Not just the yee ha of follow the leader but a personalised approach that demonstrates what is important to each individual team member. Appraisal and reviews undertaken regularly and recognition given in private and in public. Success is shared by all.

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