My latest video snippet.

Are you still relevant to your customers and prospects?

My name is Mike Foster the Entrepreneurs Mentor and welcome to my latest video snippet. My snippets are my thoughts to help you in the development of your business and this latest snippet is entitled ‘Are your customers buying?’ Now we all know post lockdown that it’s going to be a difficult period for many businesses.
Many businesses are going to tighten their belts, they’re going to spend less but they’re not going to stop spending they’re still going to spend money with people that are relevant to them. When I say relevant, are you still relevant to your prospects and your customers. Yes your customers may have less money to spend but they will still be buying from what they want or they desire and what they consider to be the solution for their pain, problem and their fear. So if they’re not buying from you what needs to change? what on reflection do you need to adapt? So it may be that post lockdown your customers have changed their expectations, their outlook on life has changed. So what do you need to do to adapt to that, do you need to change the copy on your marketing materials? do you need to change what you say in your networking events? do you need to change what your sales funnel is? your sales process includes? and what you include within a sales meeting for example. Now I relate this quite often to my networking events.
My networking events, I’ve never had the locking out of your competitors. The reason being is I think that’s healthy. I think that if you’re in a group where you’re locking out your competition and you’re only getting the business because you’re the only option in the room then it can make you I guess lazy sometimes and not so on the ball. So if you’ve got your competitor in the room and your competitors winning business from the room, or their winning referrals from the room, then you know that should be an outcome for you, that should be a learning point for you to say ok well what do I need to do? what do I need to change? to make sure that that business comes to me. So for sure your customers are going to have less money to spend but how do you make sure going forward that you’re still relevant for your customers, so that they continue to buy from you and that your first choice for your prospects.

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