It’s National Storytelling Month and so I wanted to take a look how we can effectively use stories as part of our marketing strategy.

Most, if not all of us attend networking meetings, and we ALL know the importance of building a relationship with our network of referrers and customers based on trust and likeability. We therefore already understand that casual conversation, sharing stories, anecdotes and some background information about ourselves is important to build that foundation.

However, there is more to storytelling for marketing purposes than ‘getting to know you’. Having a strategy underlining the stories you’re sharing and that all-important goal behind it, helps your story become effective at growing your network and consequently, your business.

The following questions should help you lay down the outline of your marketing stories:

  • Who are YOU and What do you do? 
  • WHO DO YOU HELP and what problems of theirs do you solve?
  • WHY DID YOU START your business and where?
  • WHAT GETS YOU out of bed in the morning and why?
  • WHAT HAVE BEEN your greatest highs, lows, and learnings?
  • WHAT’S IT LIKE behind the scenes?
  • HOW CAN PEOPLE WORK with you or buy from you?
  • WHO or WHAT are you thankful for?

What is your end goal?

So, why are you sharing this information? Is it so you can grow a networking community that you have an affiliation with? Is it because you need to find someone who can support you in business? Perhaps if you share more about your reason why, your backstory, goals and even perceived failures people will recognise your authenticity and they will gravitate towards you.

All the above are great reasons to share your stories and having that reason clear in your mind before you start writing will help you keep the story relevant, clear and interesting.

I wrote my story in a LinkedIn post a couple of years ago, where I answered all of those questions. Reading it back today I find it hasn’t changed – I’m still thankful for those that believe in me, support me and give me opportunities to enjoy getting out of bed, so I encourage you to write your story for National Storytelling Month. Even if you don’t publish it, get it down on paper as a cathartic exercise. I believe that it will not only bring positivity, but it will also become a fantastic marketing tool when the time is right.

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