That place outside our comfort zone is a place that often feels uncomfortable and moving into it creates a fear or worry. Often so much so that we end up avoiding change or procrastinating.

From my experience it’s often because we are trying to make a big change outside of our comfort zone and that feels like a huge step, even unrealistic.

So, can you break down the change you want into smaller steps and gradually stretch your comfort zone, rather than burst out of it? If you can it will help you see that each small step is achievable and before you know it, the desired change is comfortable as a whole, and a new habit is often then formed.

The Southey Way, and ‘the chair’…

Sara Southey was brilliant with helping me to bring my focus closer and look at the smaller more achievable steps. The Southey Way is an entirely different way to approach getting fit and healthy.

For too many years I’d tried things to get into my home gym much more, to support my wellbeing, but it never transpired to a long-term commitment – it felt uncomfortable somehow.

But, when I went to my first session with Sara all geared up; new tracksuit, best trainers and… we did no exercise! Instead, I sat in the infamous ‘chair’ sharing, discussing, reflecting and planning.

I went away chuffed that I wasn’t sweating, but in hindsight I realised I’d had one of the most valuable gym sessions ever.

My next series of sessions were mindful of my circumstances, so they were a gradual build up. Lots of stretching which I’ve avoided since my football days, quite a few years ago, and if you know me, you will know that was a little frustrating! But Sara communicated the purpose and the impact of the exercises so that my mind was reset to the goal of smaller achievements.

I’ve now stretched my comfort zone. I am training 4x per week, running comfortably, and lifting in a way that I never have, whilst achieving exercises I used to look at and think ‘no way’!

What’s the moral of my story?

Easy! The moral is, you must look after yourself, give yourself the encouragement, self-care and rest that you need so that you can support others with all the vitality and energy you have. And that includes, family, offspring, loved ones, clients, customers, suppliers and business friends.

What’s Sara’s moral of this story?

You don’t have to climb alone!

Often, we can be far too close to see the big picture which means the internal fear of making a change seems even larger.  Working with someone independent who has your best interests at heart can help you see which staircase to climb and where the path to climbing it actually starts.

Take the time and space with someone you trust, to sit with the change you think you want, whatever that change is. Be it personal, professional or something completely different. Check in with your WHY and HOW. Then go for it!

If you’re thriving, so can your business.

A bit hit and miss with your habits?

If you’re struggling to form new healthy habits that support your goals, or those New Year resolutions are a thing of the past, Sara and I are hosting an event at the Hilton Garden Inn, Abingdon on Thursday 4th May from 4:30pm to 7:30pm.

The workshop will cover how we can make small, achievable changes and turn them into habits that help keep our businesses focussed on what’s important. You can find out more and book through Eventbrite, or get in touch with myself or Sara if you’d like talk it through.

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