Is there something keeping you awake at night, frustrating you or stealing your time during the day?

What’s on your mind right now might not be your priority. It might in actual fact be a distraction that’s keeping you from executing your high pay-off activities, but if it’s a big enough distraction, you possibly need to address it sooner rather than later.

High pay off activities are those things that you have to focus on without distraction, without interruption for the development of your business. However, if what’s top of mind for you right now is the interruption, you must eliminate it or risk slowing your development.

The benefits of sharing what’s on your mind

Who do you have around you that you can share your thoughts, your concerns, your challenges with? Do you have an accountability partner who is invested in your success that can help you consider those things that are top of mind for you?

Will they challenge you? Will they get you to consider the ways that you’re approaching your definition of the challenge and considerations of solutions so that you can reduce the amount that you procrastinate?

Sharing what’s top of mind helps you get a fresh perspective and remain motivated and accountable to your own actions. This is how you can bring your high pay off activities back into focus so that you can implement the changes and achieve what you truly desire and deserve.

Additionally, if you address and remove the thing that is putting weight on your shoulders, pressure on your chest, then you can focus on those priorities, those high pay off activities that level up your business.

Who can you share with?

That additional pair of ears and eyes cannot be underestimated, so who could you use? Well, it may be that person who’s worked for you for a number of years, a bit like your left arm, that you can’t do without. It might be your partner – in business or personal life, and whilst I don’t necessarily encourage too much work being taken home that might be the right person to share with.

It could be an external advisor, it could be your accountant, it could be a mentor like myself. It could be someone you trust in your business network.

Find somebody that you can share your challenges, your thoughts, those things that are ‘top of mind’ for you with and I assure you, from my experience of working with my clients, that you will feel relieved of that monkey on your back, and the energy that it drained from you will be restored. Address what’s top of mind for you right now otherwise your conscious or subconscious mind remains on that unhelpful thing.

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