Nobody can deny, we’ve had a difficult couple of years and further challenges are appearing on the horizon. Difficulties that affected us all not only in business, but in our personal lives as well. We’ve been isolated from our loved ones, lost, and struggled in business, celebrated a Platinum Jubilee only to mourn the sad passing of our Queen just three months later. We’ve suffered drought, rising energy prices, been saddened by war and face potential planned power cuts in the months to come.

Yet, we carry on. We find a mindset that means we can focus on our businesses, look for opportunities and make success happen. Why?

Because as entrepreneurs, I believe that rather than remaining in a comfort zone where I feel un-threatened and safe, carrying on with what I know, I wish to embrace confidence, I wish to explore innovative ideas and I definitely want to avoid procrastination and defeat!

A positive mindset is the making of an entrepreneur

This is true, but it’s not only about thinking positively, it’s having an open mind and finding excitement in change. Thinking strategically and constantly reflecting on your operational excellence. The word ‘pivot’ became annoyingly popular in 2020, but to me it perfectly embodies that entrepreneurial, growth mindset. Not so much turning the other cheek but looking around for the next opportunity. An opportunity to change for the better, develop what we are doing, establish something new and ultimately continue working towards what is important to us and drives our mindset.

Mindset noun; “a set of attitudes that somebody has”.

Growth mindset noun; “the belief that you can develop your natural abilities by working hard, listening to advice from others etc.”

Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries

If you have children or have ever spoken with a coach, you will have heard that a growth mindset is a set of attitudes that can develop and change with dedication, learning from failure and celebrating success. This is the opposite to a fixed mindset, which is difficult to change and leads one to believe that there is a fixed natural ability that cannot be changed.

Positive or growth – they’re both mindsets that entrepreneurs possess to find success, even in the face of limitations.

Can you move from a fixed to a growth mindset?

Of course you can! But it takes being aware of your triggers and changing your language. Think about these things next time you feel you’ve reached the limit of your natural abilities:

  • Your brain is not in a fixed state – your mind needn’t be either
  • Look for the learn, don’t worry about the result
  • Say learning, not failing
  • Remind yourself of your ‘why’ – think about your purpose
  • Value effort over talent
  • Recognise activity creates the outcome
  • Celebrate actions, not attributes
  • Think, ‘not yet,’ when you find something a struggle – ‘not yet, but I will…’

If you’d like to read further about pushing your comfort zone, have a look at ‘Challenge the Fear, Don’t Fear the Challenge’, or get in touch with me to talk about your struggles in business and pushing the limits of your natural abilities with a growth mindset.

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