Do you really know your people and how they impact on your business

I totally agree that having the right people around you is so important. Not only the skills but also the right behaviours and attitude.

A few years ago I was growing my own team and after taking on a new employee found the dynamics of my workplace changed within a few days. Why? Well she was very competent in her role, was liked by others, she was positive and confident. However I could see that the rest of the team were uncomfortable with something.

Back in 2015, I shared an article of this title on LinkedIn, sharing my experience and what led me to focus on a persons behavioural style to fit a role and the teams dynamics as much as considering their skill and ability.

You can read this post at which is still relevant today and where I provide some background, an overview of what different behavioural styles can bring to your organisation and a case study to demonstrate my recommendation to consider behaviours.

I hope you find the article thought provoking and useful.

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