My 12 tips from 2020 for entrepreneurial success

During 2020, I continued to love every moment of my role working with Entrepreneurs and supporting the development of their busisness.

From my experience and observations from the last year, I have selected 12 tips that I feel are key to entrepreneurial success and I hope will be thought provoking for your focus going forward in this new year.

  1. Push your comfort zone, as quite often the change needed is larger than you thought it may be.
  2. Know who you can trust and understand the personalities around you. 
  3. Respond in a timely manner or ensure your communicate with empathy after a perceived delay.
  4. Have belief and persevere.
  5. Your perception or gut feeling is often right, but support your decision making with a consideration of the risks. 
  6. Manage the interruptions and distractions that steal you time, whilst building the ability to say No.
  7. People buy from people not just the label you represent, so how do you share the personality of your business.
  8. Keep the big picture in mind. Have clarity with your purpose and reason why, which will aid your day to day decisions and your chosen action steps.
  9. Truly understand your motivation and the value of your work / life balance. 
  10. Build your resilience – Utilise your strengths and work on your personal development 
  11. Make the real numbers in your business work and those reported in your accounts will be the desired outcome 
  12. Ensure your Goal Planning is effective 

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