Time to clean up your social media accounts?

I love social media and I am sure that it will come of no surpise that I am interested in helping my clients review their social media presence.

To review the posts that they are sharing, the level of engagement and who is engaging (or not).

I am seeing many people taking the time during lockdown to refresh their connections and related social feeds.

Who do you want to follow? who do you want to follow you? and is the content you have shared portrayed you as you would wish (if not delete the post!)?

One of my recommendations is to make sure that you are connected, liked and followed by the right people for you and your business.

If you are not, then I’d suggest a clean up. For example, consider:

• Who is connected to you on LinkedIn simply to be very proactive with your connections? I have even seen examples where people have contacted a connection having suggested that my client recommended a contact, when they had not!

• Who have you connected with because they asked, but you have no actual connection with and had no contact since?

• Who just jumps on your posts to raise their profile with your connections, but does not engage with you in any other way? I can name a couple of regulars, can you?!

• Who is connected to you on LinkedIn, but chosen to unfollow you, but stay connected?

• Do you read any content that annoys you? If so, remove it and stop wasting your energy?

• Who is a direct competitor? Perhaps you have changed business and were connected before? Unless of course you are interested in their connections!?

• Who is following you on Twitter with no interest in you, but simply to raise awareness of themselves with your followers?

• Who likes your Facebook page, simply to post on your wall messages to your followers. I’ve even saw a posting recently started ‘we hope you dont mind us promoting a competitor………’!

Connections are good, for example especially if you are using the search function in LinkedIn to find contacts. However, I’d suggest that it is better having a slightly smaller list of those interested in you, and whom you are interested in following, rather than a large number of followers or connections.

Whilst cleaning up your social media accounts, then take the opportunity to review your security settings, your profile and header images and your BIO description.

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