Welcome to my latest interview with Sarah Fletcher of Mushroom Souffle.

Sarah creates Social Media Magic for Businesses with Social Media Strategy, Mentoring & Training.

  1. During this interview, I asked Sarah the following questions: Has social media changed recently?
  2. What do you recommend businesses should be doing now?
  3. How would they do that?
  4. Is there something you see working without fail every time?
  5. If businesses want to make their social media more effective, what should they do?

You can join Sarah each week at “Sarah’s Social Cafe”
Every Thursday, 9.30am to 12.30pm
Your weekly coworking space
Zoom with us and zone in on your business.
Make a cuppa, open your laptop, see some friendly faces and get shit done!
Free to attend.  
Email [email protected] for the Zoom link to join.

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