I am sure that I am not alone in hearing someone most days saying that they wish to improve their business.

How often do you hear the same person still saying it a few months later?

This may be a harsh comment for some, but it is a reality that many want to improve their business, but can’t step back, find the time to take action, are stuck doing the ‘business as usual’ or perhaps do not know where to start. By the latter, I mean the how to improve the business, as quite often a business is started because we are good at something and feel we can do it better than others. However, this is often the skill or knowledge we have in the product or service and not the knowledge to develop a business beyond certain key points.

Therefore, for this latest article, I thought I would share some ‘starter’ thoughts around ideas for your focus, to help you develop and improve your business.

You can read the full article at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/you-one-really-wants-improve-your-business-mike-foster/

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