Perhaps you are not ready for 1:2:1 or group mentoring, but you know you want something different to progress your business?

Research indicates that you are more likely to achieve your goals and objectives, if you share them and have accountability with someone to report your progress.

From my work with clients, it is proven that being held accountable by a third party greatly increases the motivation to deliver for yourself.

With the support of this group, each month I will keep you accountable to your chosen commitments and motivated to achieve them.


Accountability is the acknowledgment, acceptance and assumption of responsibility for agreed actions, decisions, and implementation, whilst being answerable for the resulting outcomes. It is essentially about ownership and initiative and taking responsibility of the results and outcomes.  

Accountability eliminates the time and effort you spend on distracting activities and other unproductive behaviour. 


As a business owner, I know you are already prepared to take responsibility for your own actions, but who keeps your accountable to your plans, other than yourself?

My accountability group is a way to maintain your commitments to yourself, to keep your energy and enthusiasm high, and feel like you’re not alone on the entrepreneurial journey.

What's included

  • Accountability support – email me your commitments at the start of each month, listing those things you will be focusing on  – I will check in with you on your progress.
  • Access to my Closed VIP Facebook group – an opportunity to ask your question, in a safe environment, to a community of like-minded business owners or offer your support in reply to others.
  • Regular Members newsletter with news, tips and tools.
  • Free access to all my online webinars
  • 50% discount to all my paid workshops, seminars and my Online programme
  • Availability to apply for a one off mentoring session (subject to availability and an additional cost applies)
  • Free Annual ‘business development’ conference
  • Just ASK – Free signposting to trusted service providers to help you with any element of your business from Marketing to HR, from IT to insurance and much more.

Join the group

This is a subscription based support programme with Mike Foster, the Entrepreneurs Mentor and other like-minded business owners.

Just £69 per month

Payable by monthly standing order.

No minimum term commitment.