In June 2022 I joined Matt Eastland-Jones for his ‘Out of hours’ podcast

We talk about failure, why it’s important to fail, and how you can learn from it. We talk about our own failures I share key areas in business that are prone to failure.

The important message we want to share in this episode is that you should expect to fail, but that failure is rarely objectively bad – if anything, failure is beneficial to help you and your business grow.

Out of Hours is a fortnightly podcast about personal growth, business, and passions – recorded over a drink or two, out of hours. Featuring frank conversations including overcoming the odds, embracing limitations, comparison, and burnout, host Matt Eastland-Jones speaks with business owners and creatives to share stories and actionable advice with a healthy dose of humour mixed in for good luck.

Out of Hours is produced by Story Ninety-Four and recorded in their Podcast Studio in central Oxford.

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