Join the Ultimate Fusion of Networking and business development events in One Dynamic Community!

O is for Oxygen, Opportunity, Open-Minded, Outcome, Organic, Optimism, Offer, Observant, Obvious, Original, and of course Orange!

O also symbolises a round table.

Are you looking for a business community that will help you develop your business in addition to just networking?

If so, Join us at ‘O’!

Running a business can often feel like navigating a complex maze, alone and uncertain. You’re an expert in your field, yet the multifaceted world of sales, marketing, finance, and more can seem daunting.

Since the pandemic, the landscape of networking has shifted drastically. Traditional methods have dwindled in popularity, giving rise to numerous alternatives. You’ve likely observed this change and felt the impact.

This is where my Improvement Club ‘O’ steps in. Born from my passion for creating trusted business communities, Club ‘O’ offers a unique blend of networking, business development, and education. It’s designed to break the isolation of business ownership, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth.

Imagine a vibrant environment where you meet monthly over breakfast, not just to network, but to gain practical insights and strategies to scale your business. Here, each session is meticulously structured to build trusted relationships and focus on elevating your business.

Club ‘O’ is tailored for Business Owners, and senior leaders who are decision-makers, ready to share and learn. It’s an investment in your business’s future, offering returns on both time and money.

Are you ready to unlock the potential of your business in a supportive, dynamic community? Join Improvement Club ‘O’ and start your journey towards business growth and success. Contact me today to learn more.


Transform Your Business with Proven Strategies: Join your peers at ‘O’

I’ve spent over a decade at the helm of leading successful business networks and attended countless events, gathering insights and techniques that truly work. Now, I’m offering you a unique opportunity to SCALE your business with our exclusive network.

Spark innovation: Gain ideas and thoughts by collaborating to refine and revolutionise your business strategies.
Community support: Gain access to a trusted circle of peers, ready to connect you with valuable contacts.
Accountability growth: Commit to your takeaways and achieve tangible results with our collective support.
Level up: Elevate your abilities with advanced tools and insightful discussions that improve your skills and ultimately your business
Environment: Stay inspired and focused, backed by a supportive community that fuels your motivation and commitment to the changes you want.

With my guidance as a seasoned business mentor and networker, I’m dedicated to sharing my knowledge and expertise to fuel your success. Let’s work together in a trusted peer group to elevate your business to the next level.

Ready to make a difference in your business journey?

Connect with me today.

This is a mastermind, networking meeting, referral organisation, 90 day planning session and growth club rolled into one, saving you time and money with the cumulative combination providing the results and outcome you are looking for.

No rules, minimum expectations from me, no bells, or timers. We are all adults, so we trust each other like one! 

Business owners tend to network to win new business, for personal development, to build personal and professional relationships, to gain ideas or advice or to find trusted partners or suppliers. Club ‘O’ covers all these areas and so much more.

Trust me. From my experience, it’s a membership that you, much like many other business owners, will see as a valuable investment for you and your business

Join one of my local ‘Business Improvement Clubs'

    It’s a well known saying, but continues to be used as it is so true. TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More. That is the underlying principle of my Business Improvement Clubs. We are in it together.

    Each club is shaped by it’s members within a proven framework of networking and conversation to support the improvement of your business.

    The CPD session, expert in the room and roundtable conversation topics are chosen based on feedback, requests and observations.

    Each club serves a wide range of industry categories and will have up to 20 complimenting members plus guests at each meeting. 


    Your Investment 

    A Joining fee of £50 and then just £79 per month (includes all refreshments, room hire, takeaway tools)

    6 (ideally 12) month minimum commitment to the group (then rolling 30 days notice)

    Your Monthly attendance to our 2.5 hour breakfast meeting which is important to keep on the radar of other members and to provide the collective support to each other

    To hold relationship building and knowledge sharing 1-2-1’s with other members

    The commitment to look out for opportunities for other group members and make appropriate introductions

    What's included

    Each monthly meeting will have a format to develop the members knowledge, know-how, relationships and referral opportunities.

    • Monthly peer to peer support group sessions
    • My CPD session that explores a strategic area of your business, a thought or tip to help improve your business
    • A tip of the month
    • ‘Expert in the room’ Q&A
    • Your ask – how we can help you
    • A roundtable conversation around a common hot topic
    • Reflection, Takeaway, and much more 
    • Your listing on the membership portal
    • Additional, optional, community and social events

    Here’s an outline:

    Arrive 7.30-7.45am for open networking with other members.

    We will grab a choice of Breakfast at 8.10am for consumption during the opening CPD session.

    For this opening session I will be sharing a thought, tool or tip to explore a strategic area of your business and spark or fuel your thoughts to improve your business.

    Then it’s over to two of the members. The first to share a ‘tip of the month’ and the second to be that month’s ‘Expert in the room’. This latter section is a Q&A, so that the members find out the information they need or want from the expert, rather than receiving a pitch! It is also the opportunity for the member to demonstrate their trusted expertise rather than present!

    There will also be time for Member introductions, both around the table and also to the whole room. To help other members find referrals for you there will also be the opportunity to ask the room ‘How we can help you’

    Each meeting will also have a roundtable conversation around a common hot topic or challenge.

    This is an event for moments of reflection that creates your takeaways and much more.

    The monthly meeting will finish by 10am latest!

      Why join us?

      Transform Your Business, Management and Leadership: Discover the Unique Benefits of Joining ‘O’  

      Are you ready to elevate your business and leadership skills to new heights? O is tailored specifically for your growth and success. Here’s what you can gain:

      • Strategic Reflection: Step back from daily operations to strategically reflect and grow your business.
      • Trusted Network: Forge valuable relationships, gaining a supportive tribe that cheers for your success.
      • Collaborative Growth: Join a community that thrives on mutual support and collaborative wisdom.
      • Expert Insights: Learn from those who’ve walked your path, picking up proven strategies and innovative ideas.
      • Personalised Development: Whether it’s leadership skills or business acumen, grow in areas that matter most to you.
      • Exclusive Access: Tap into a wealth of knowledge through expert-led sessions and personalized support.
      • Real-World Strategies: Implement actionable strategies that have driven success in businesses like yours.
      • Networking Opportunities: Make valuable business connections, opening doors to new opportunities.
      • Cost-Saving Advice: Get insights that could save you thousands, directly from experts.
      • Community and Support: Feel a part of something bigger, a community that genuinely supports your business journey.
      • Food and Drinks!: Enjoy delightful refreshments as you network and learn.

      Ready to Join? If you’re a business owner or a senior leader looking to make a real difference in your business and relationships, our club is the perfect fit for you.


      Make it happen.

      Join today and level up your business within a trusted peer network

      Membership is by application, as we want the right members for the right reasons!