Peer group support to help you improve your business

Breathe new life into your ever evolving business.

Find the way to run the business you want in an easier way.

  • Create that rhythmic flow of leads from your ideal customers.
  • Convert more of your opportunities to paying customers?
  • Be paid what you are worth.
  • Deliver your business with operational excellence.
  • Build a team as motivated and focused as you.
  • Understand the key numbers that drive your success.
  • Love what you do and enjoy every step of your entrepreneurial journey with direction and motivation.
  • Engage advocates, supporters and partners to help you where needed.

How I hear you ask!

Join us at Business Oxygen

Running a business can be tough and is often seen as a lonely place.

I bet you know the technical aspects of delivering what you promise, but sales, marketing, finance, recruitment and planning all present questions. If you are like many other business owners, you know your skill or knowledge but wish you knew more, but you are not sure what you don’t know.

In addition, since the pandemic, Networking has changed. Numbers at many groups have dropped. Business owners are more conscious of the time commitment and their return on investment. There has been an explosion of copycat ideas enabling you to ‘network’ over breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks.

Businesses often face similar issues but we have different skills and often approach challenges or opportunities in different ways. A problem shared is a problem halved. An additional piece of knowledge may help you generate more leads or close more opportunities. With best practice shared then your operational delivery is often more efficient and more profitable. Business is simple, but it’s not easy, hence why a supportive peer group and focused leadership around such common issues will help you develop your business and provide the return on your investment of time and money. 

Following our 2023 research let me introduce the Business Oxygen, my Improvement Club. Networking, business development, and education in a unique, vibrant, fun environment to help you improve and scale your business.

Business Oxygen meets monthly over breakfast with a structure to help you build trusted and respected relationships, work ‘on’ your business to level up and scale your business.

It is for Business Owners or members of the senior leadership team with decision making responsibilities.

The Business Improvement Club is an opportunity to share and learn with a combination of my support and a peer group of other local trusted business owners.

With my experience of running business networks for over a decade and attending many other events, the Step Change Business Improvement Club is designed to help its members SCALE their business.

Spark ideas and thoughts by working ‘on’ the business
Community of trusted peers, supporting and introducing you to their contacts
Accountability to yourself and to others for executing what is key for your business
Level up – tools and conversations to improve your skills and ultimately your business
Environment that fuels your motivation and commitment to the changes needed

Plus my support. As a seasoned networker, I know what works and I’m committed to sharing this to help you and your business.

This is a mastermind, networking meeting, referral organisation, 90 day planning session and growth club rolled into one, saving you time and money with the cumulative combination providing the results and outcome you are looking for.

No rules, bells, or timers. We are all adults, so we trust you like one!

Business owners tend to network to win new business, for personal development, to build personal and professional relationships, to gain ideas or advice or to find trusted partners or suppliers.

The Business Improvement Club covers all these areas and so much more.

It’s a membership that you, much like many other business owners, will see as a valuable investment for you and your business

Join one of my local ‘Business Improvement Clubs'

Working together to create the Oxygen intake we all need for our business evolution.

It’s a well known saying, but continues to be used as it is so true. TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More. That is the underlying principle of my Business Improvement Clubs. We are in it together.

Each club is shaped by it’s members within a proven framework of networking and conversation to support the improvement of your business.

The CPD session, expert in the room and roundtable conversation topics are chosen based on feedback, requests and observations.

You will receive a regular call from me or a ‘group lead’ to gain your feedback and help understand how we can help you.

Each club serves a wide range of industry categories and will have up to 20 complimenting members plus guests at each meeting. 

No ‘lockout’ rules apply, as we have often found that people who look like competitors can really work well together, support other members from different angles and even refer each other!

Your Investment 

A Joining fee of £50 and then just £79 per month (includes all refreshments, room hire, takeaway tools)

12 month minimum commitment to the group (then rolling 30 days notice)

Your Monthly attendance to our 2.5 hour breakfast meeting which is important to keep on the radar of other members and to provide the collective support to each other

To hold regular 1-2-1’s with other members

No requirement to pass referrals, but as I’m sure you would hope yourself, we hope each member will look out for opportunities for other group members and make appropriate introductions

What's included

Each monthly meeting will have a format to develop the members knowledge, know-how, relationships and referral opportunities.

  • Monthly peer to peer support group sessions
  • My CPD session that explores a strategic area of your business, a thought or tip to help improve your business
  • A tip of the month
  • ‘Expert in the room’ Q&A
  • Member introductions
  • Your ask = ‘How we can help you’
  • A roundtable conversation around a common hot topic
  • Reflection, Takeaway, and much more 
  • Additional, optional, community and social events


Here’s an outline:

Arrive 7.30-7.45am for open networking with other members.

We will grab a choice of Breakfast rolls at 8.10am for consumption during the opening CPD session.

For this opening session I will be sharing a thought, tool or tip to explore a strategic area of your business and spark or fuel your thoughts to improve your business.

Then it’s over to two of the members. The first to share a ‘tip of the month’ and the second to be that month’s ‘Expert in the room’. This latter section is a Q&A, so that the members find out the information they need or want from the expert, rather than receiving a pitch! It is also the opportunity for the member to demonstrate their trusted expertise rather than present!

There will also be time for Member introductions, both around the table and also to the whole room. To help other members find referrals for you there will also be the opportunity to ask the room ‘How we can help you’

Each meeting will also have a roundtable conversation around a common hot topic or challenge.

This is an event for moments of reflection that creates your takeaways and much more.

The monthly meeting will finish by 10am latest!

Why join us?

There are many reasons and often the objectives are personal to you. I commit to help you achieve these.

My focus is on you as a member not the growth of the organisation. I won’t ask you to recruit for the group, but I think you may want to when you see the difference it makes to you and your business.

Some of the benefits of being a member of the Business Improvement Club in your area are:

  • A chance to step away from your business and think instead of being caught in the usual day to day
  • The opportunity to build trusted relationships and gain a new tribe of supporters
  • An environment that encourages a collaborative approach to support all members whilst they reflect and shape the next steps of their entrepreneurial journey
  • Challenges and ideas from business owners who have trodden the path or are facing the same situations you face in building your business
  • The structure that allows you to explore new ideas, build on existing thoughts or simply confirm your thinking.
  • Pick up ideas and learns by listening to successful strategies implemented by other businesses.
  • In each session, learn the details of a new business strategy and how to apply this. This presents a takeaway for every member that is reflected upon after the meeting to support execution
  • Personal development helping you to learn new things or build upon your existing knowledge or skills to lead effectively, inspire your team, and change your business from surviving to thriving.
  • Valuable conversations with fellow business leaders, as sharing and learning is encouraged to level up each member and their business
  • Learn the step by step methods used by others succeeding in the areas you want to improve
  • New business introductions to help you grow your revenue
  • A chance to ask your specific question to the expert in the room that may save your £,000’s!
  • Access to support and signposting from other local business owners who know the local market
  • You will feel the sense of belonging to a valuable, unpressured group supporting your business by surrounding yourself with like-minded people
  • Each member has access to me to help apply your new skills, develop yourself and implement your strategy.
  • Inspiration. Motivation. Aspiration. Evolution. 
  • plus some food and drinks! 

If you are a business owner or member of the senior leadership team looking to network and improve your business and relationships, then my club is designed with you in mind.


Make it happen.

Join ‘Business Oxygen’ today and level up your business within a trusted peer network

Membership is by application, as we want the right members for the right reasons!