Julie Austen

It is absolutely without doubt that without the help and belief of Mike Foster I would not be where I am today. He gave me the confidence to grow my business by simply believing in me. Mike has supported not only me but all my family . It was Mike’s enthusiasm and selfless commitment to his beliefs that led me to the point I am at today. 

Julie Austen
Bookkeepers in Buckingham
ICB Large Bookkeeping Practice of the year 2014

Mina Leal

I would recommend Mike for one to one support. I had previously enjoyed his workshops and came away motivated to grow my business. Working with Mike, has provided me with the focus for my business and helped me to formalise the business structure. He has helped me consider my marketing and how the business is presented to my prospects. The sessions with Mike have brought much more clarity about the business, consolidated my thoughts and clearly defined what needs to be done. The objective was to work on the business strategy and marketing plan to help me identify my position in the market and the type of customers I want to work with. Mike helped me to keep track of the priorities, so I am totally focused on that is important to achieve and this has made a big difference to how I run the business. Overall this has helped me to develop my confidence and helped me to make huge strides for my business.

Jeremy Ferendinos

I really do appreciate the session we just had. This I found very valuable and has given me focus and motivation again.

Maria Wilkinson

Mike has provided excellent support and advice, which I have found particularly helpful due to his direct experience in building and running a successful bookkeeping practice. I have always found Mike to be very approachable. He is willing to share his knowledge and demonstrates understanding of the concerns I express in my role as a newcomer to self-employment. Mike has shown himself to be an interesting, engaging public speaker, and engages well on both a group level and in one-to-one mentoring sessions. His style is a confidence inspiring mix of relaxed yet always very professional. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mike for training and coaching.
Mike's training skills and wealth of experience are invaluable to my business. I value his mentorship and the practical advice he shares, based on his years of experience in having built a successful practice of his own.

Maria Wilkinson
Livewire Business Services

Tony Hobbs

We have worked with Mike since 2003.  Mike always acts with the utmost integrity and honesty, and consistently goes beyond what is asked of him.  We provide business mentoring services to our clients and Mike has been instrumental in helping us deliver these services.  In particular Mike has taken on full responsibility for overseeing our regular client seminars, including writing and presenting these.  Mike also organised our first Business Improvement Programme for clients, and then wrote and co-presented the subsequent programme. Mike’s passion and enthusiasm are second to none, and are endorsed by his technical ability.

Dave Roberts

Working with Mike is always a pleasure, and always ends up with outstanding results. We have worked together on many projects, and he as a great vision, drive, passion and integrity which shows in his end product. He is 100% reliable, always switched on and is so prompt for communicating. Mike has in depth knowledge and an abundance of common sense which means all his projects are successful projects. Mike and I blend our talents, and is so easy to get along with, meaning the workflow flows nicely from idea to completion. I wouldn`t hesitate to recommend Mike to hire or work with.

Various workshop feedback

"An informative and instructive workshop that gave me a very full day of learning“

"...being able to walk away with clear actions"

"I left with a good couple of action points"

"Great workshop. I don't think I would have the confidence or know how to start my business & approach clients without it"

"The workshop has helped me look forward"

"Great workshop. I have come away with clear goals and a sheet full of actions. Thank you Mike“

"a very worthwhile workshop"

"The workshop has been a great help to focus my mind and help me plan the growth of my practice. It has given me lots to think about and I can't wait to get going"

"I found the workshop extremely beneficial. I now have the confidence to start my business. Mike is a great presenter and took genuine interest in our plans“

"it helped me think about my target audience"

Carol Webb

I have known Mike Foster for over 8 years, being one of the first business mentors I met when I decided to go self employed. At that time A1 Group ran the Business Link new business meetings in my area. Mike was always encouraging and informative. His enthusiasm is second to none, and he was dedicated to the encouragement of all our businesses. 
I have dealt with Mike both with his marketing and bookkeeping businesses and have always found Mike to be thoroughly professional and very easy to talk to, and I have attended several of this seminars and events where he has been a speaker, he is charming, charismatic and engaging. I would welcome any opportunity to work alongside Mike. 
Sharing his expertise and experiences with the ICB by using his already established practice builder techniques was generous of him and a testament to him being a bookkeepers mentor. 
I would not hesitate to recommend Mike to others at anytime. 

Carol Webb

Katy Dunn

When I started my business I found myself taking on many roles I hadn't even thought of, and on finding myself at a cross road within a couple of months is when I turned to Mike Foster for some advice as I knew of his experience and thought he may be able to help me. This turned out to be one of the best decisions I made.

As a mentor Mike gives me something new to think about every time we meet which is great, it keeps me really motivated on the job in hand in between our meetings and makes me feel more in control and focused. In our meetings Mike has offered great advice and support just when I’ve needed it and helped me see the bigger picture to shape a better future for me and my business moving me closer to reaching my goals.

I am so grateful for the support which has been invaluable to me whilst growing my business and I'm sure will play a huge part in my growth in the future.