Using your business to show love to others

A pile of sticky notes with the top one reading, 'Help Others'

If you’ve had a positive experience working with a supplier, or collaborating with another business, show you care by leaving a few words about that experience on a public platform.

Is your networking working?

A graphic design of people in circles connected by lines of a network

Networking is just business-speak for getting together with fellow business owners to catch up with how they’re doing, listen to their stories of woe or success and perhaps offer a thought or word of advice, support and encouragement. It’s making business friends that you can one day call upon for help. But how do we make friends as adults

7 ways to improve customer experience and grow revenue

a person selecting either a smiley face, a straight mouthed face or a sad face in a customer service questionnaire

With continual customer experience improvement, comes better and more customer reviews. Optimise your Google Business Profile and use the link to build those reviews. You can put it behind a QR code on your invoices or email the link with receipts.