UK Charity Week – How can SMEs contribute to charity?

two volunteers digging a hole into which a tree will be planted

It’s long been my belief that if you have the means to help, you have a moral obligation to do so, even in a small way. But that aside there are many reasons why it’s good for businesses to make charitable contributions…

My number one tip to grow your business

Every business activity has an outcome and provides an opportunity to review whether you would repeat it, never do again or make a tweak or change for the better.

The half year business review – 6 areas for reflection

Mike Foster, the Entrepreneurs Mentor, sitting at his desk and smiling

Personally, I look back with retrospect at a number of things – namely those that took prominence in my business plan for the whole year. Throughout my half year business review, I always look for what I can learn, improve upon or change completely.