Is your networking working?

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Networking is just business-speak for getting together with fellow business owners to catch up with how they’re doing, listen to their stories of woe or success and perhaps offer a thought or word of advice, support and encouragement. It’s making business friends that you can one day call upon for help. But how do we make friends as adults

Marketing through storytelling – National Share a Story Month

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There is more to storytelling for marketing purposes than ‘getting to know you’. Having a strategy underlining the stories you’re sharing and that all-important goal behind it, helps your story become effective at growing your network and consequently, your business.

How to prepare to speak in public

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The words we choose to use when we speak provide an outcome, hopefully the one we were aiming for when we first decided to say something. They will bring inspiration and joy to some but generate questions or even pain for others. Either way, what you say matters.