Coaching expectations

10 tips for sticking to good habits

Mike Foster, looking reflective, through a window

When forming a new habit your desire has to be strong enough so that you’re not easily pulled in an opposing direction; one that offers what you perceive to be greater rewards.

No board meetings? Could you still benefit from a non-exec?

Board room table with chairs, and the question, Do you need a 'critical friend'?

I define the role of non-exec team member as, “to provide a creative contribution to the business by providing independent oversight and constructive challenge to business leaders and senior management teams.”

Having said all that, my favourite bite-sized definition for either role is ‘critical friend’.

How can a business mentor help you?

A business person next to a hand-drawn rocket

A business mentor has experience to share that fills any knowledge gaps or provides another perspective, they have demonstrable tactics and tools to share that gets you closer to positive gain and they provide external motivation and accountability. Business has many ups and downs so a mentor’s support will keep you focused on your why, your purpose and your reasons for running your business.